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It is amazing to think that Dr. Suzuki gave his approval to move forward with applying his method to the guitar some twenty–five years ago.

With the imminent publication of the Suzuki Guitar School™, Volume 9, it seems timely and appropriate to celebrate the legacy of this great man by bringing together families and teachers from all over the world who are actively engaged in creating a better future through music.

It was a great pleasure to enjoy the company of the families, children and teachers of the Suzuki guitar community in collaboration, learning, music and fun!

A special message about Shinichi Suzuki and his extraordinary and far reaching legacy.

NEW : Recuerdos

We have created a special page for those wishing to share their experience at the Festival.

Festival DVD and Posters

A professionally created DVD highlightling events from the International Suzuki Guitar Festival is available to you. Additionally, you can purchase posters from the different events during the week. You are welcome to download a DVD/Poster form to send in your order.

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We are deeply grateful to the following sponsors and contributors without whom this amazing event would not take place.

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