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International Festival 2008 : available photos

We are offering thumbnails of various photos here so that you can take a look and eventually contact Stephan Hörold for electronic files or prints. All photos were shot without flash so as not to be a distraction at the venue. Most photos can be printed on 8.5x11 (letter size).

Remember that, while those displayed here are thumbnails and of very low quality, those available to you for purchase are of extremely high quality.

Make a selection from those displayed and send the number of the selection (for instance ³MG2841²) and the number of prints to stephanhoerold@yahoo.com.

Information about paying through PayPal will be made available to you when you make your request. For those of you enrolled at the Conservatory there is a displayed example so that you can check out the quality. Your photos can be picked up at the conservatory.

For those of you who are out of town, they can be mailed to you for a small handing fee.

Please enjoy ...

_MG_2847 _MG_2856
_MG_2865 _MG_2886
_MG_2877 _MG_2890
_MG_2889 _MG_2899
_MG_2906 _MG_2925
_MG_2927 _MG_2967
_MG_2973 _MG_2975 _MG_2989
_MG_2993 _MG_3005
_MG_3040 _MG_3046
_MG_3054 _MG_3059
_MG_3066 _MG_3097
_MG_3128 _MG_3133
_MG_3145 _MG_3148 _MG_3154
_MG_3164 _MG_3173 _MG_3180
_MG_3187 _MG_3200 _MG_3207
_MG_3214 _MG_3220 _MG_3282
_MG_3233 _MG_3244
_MG_3251 _MG_3275
_MG_3292 _MG_3297

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